GLAM (Noun | Shortened form of Glamour)

  • alluring or fascinating attraction

DOLL (Noun)

  • a small-scale figure of a human being used especially as a child's plaything

  • an attractive person

Who are The GlamDollz?

  • The GlamDollz are a group of 2000+ women (and men), who have joined together as a team, to have fun, motivate, share knowledge and a love of makeup.

  • We come from all over the world: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and beyond!

  • We support each other. Team members share tips & tricks on what to do in your Younique business; from which foundation should you suggest to a customer, to tips on how you can take your business to the top

  • We share our experiences. We’re all human and are available to offer each other a shoulder to cry on, advice to make it through a challenge, and a joke when laughter is needed

  • We have created wonderful friendships. Through the magic of social media and a love of makeup, it is hard to believe that many of our team members who chat with each other every day have never been in the same room!

  • We have fun. It’s makeup that brought us together, and whether you like a give yourself a fresh dewy look or you prefer a smoky eye and bold lip, you should have fun doing it

  • We make money. Really, what’s better than getting paid to play with makeup with your friends?

  • We travel. From regional trainings on network marketing to Girls’ Night Out with local Younique Presenters, to fabulous vacations earned through Younique, The Glam Dollz know how to have fun when we get together

  • We are just like YOU. Our team members range from stay-at-home moms to corporate employees, from college students to grandmothers, from professional makeup artists to customers who just wanted to get a deal on the Presenter’s Kit

Why should you join us?

  • Do something for YOU

  • You can create a Younique business that works for YOU, when YOU want to work

    • Share with just those you know and you could earn a little extra spending money

    • Spend a few hours a day sharing the products on social media, and you could earn money to pay your next monthly car payment, for that name brand purse you’ve had your eye on, or to put aside to pay for the inevitable home repairs

    • Commit to making Younique a full time job, by working daily to build your customer base and team, and the sky is the limit!

What is Younique?

Why should I become a Younique Presenter?

  • No inventory needed

  • No autoship requirements

  • Mobile business – no need to leave the house

  • Free website – no annual fees

  • Get paid commissions within 3 hours of a customer’s purchase

  • Earn free makeup for yourself

  • High quality makeup with a Love It guarantee

  • Incentive bonuses and vacations

  • Receive support and coaching from your upline team and The GlamDollz


April 2017 - presenter KIT

April 2017 - presenter KIT

Curious how you can become a Younique Presenter?

CLICK HERE TO JOIN The GlamDollz, and you’ll get over $360 worth of amazing Younique makeup for just $99!

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Presenter Kit contents are subject to change.


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Have some more questions or would like additional information? Contact me  and I’ll be happy to help you.


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